Friday, 11 January 2013

Twickers PTC is Active and Paying Out On Time

Twickerz is a PTC that I decided to try out and I am glad I did.  They are a free PTC that offers a very low minimum payout of $0.10 in Paypal.  They offer a few different features that other PTC's do not like a free upgrade using activity points for active FREE members and the ability to rent or purchase referrals.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive my payout so quickly.  Like all other PTC's, you will only earn if you are an active member and click regularly.  A few referrals in your downline is also beneficial.  So here are my payment proofs from Twickerz.

Payment Proof #1 from Twickerz:

Payment Proof #2 from Twickerz:

If you're looking for a new PTC to join definitely give this one a try.  The free upgrade option alone makes it worth trying!

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