The Clickers Team

I really love the idea of working with a team to help us all promote our online business opportunities, so I joined a site called The Clickers Team.

The Clickers Team is completely free to join and is easy to earn points to build your online programs.  All that is asked of you is that you participate when you can by clicking at their PTC site, joining some of their sponsors and just supporting the other members of the team in forum discussions.  It's super easy and probably something you're doing already on other sites.

What are points for?

When you participate in the activities at The Clickers Team you will earn points that you can use for purchasing advertising, Facebook Likes, Twitter followers, Paid Signups, Rent active referrals at your favorite sites, and you could always ask for a customized ad program from the admin.

How do I earn points?

Points are very easy to earn by just doing basic things.  Here's the breakdown of point earnings:

100 Points for joining our site
200 Points for joining our Forum (must make minimum 1 post)
150 points for adding your avatar in forum
200 Points for joining SurfSumo - our official sponsor
150 Points for joining any Sponsor Traffic Exchange
100-200 Points for joining other Free Programs, Traffic Exchanges and PTC sites
150 Points for every referral you bring into team
1 Point for every ad you visit
0.0025 Point for every unique hit to you Clickers Team referral link
100 Points and up to join our members favorite programs

I joined these sites in support of The Clickers Team(I'll be adding more as I join them)

  • SurfSumo
  • Marihuanabux
  • ClickFredTraffic
  • Click Roads
  • Easy Hits4U
  • High Roller Hits
  • Buildabiz Exchange
  • Adsactly
  • Downline Refs

If you would like bonuses for signing up to sites like this then join The Clickers Team today.  

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