Wednesday, 22 February 2012 pays On time! is a totally free program that you can use to earn money online.  You are paid to view and click on ads, complete easy offers, and invite other people to join with you.  I was able to earn this much in about 3 months just clicking ads and completing a couple of offers without any referrals at all, so I am very happy to recommend it.

Here's how it works:

1) Install the MyBrowsercash software.  This is just a simple program that allows you to earn by viewing ads when you're just browsing the web on any site.  This does not install any extra crap programs and it is safe to use.  There are settings that allow you to change the amount of ads you receive and you can turn it off entirely if you choose.

2) Update your profile on and set your ad frequency to High in order to earn more.

3) Complete a couple of offers, there are tons of free offers you can choose from.

4) Promote your referral link to build your downline, this will really accelerate your earnings.

5) Use the program daily and your earnings will add up!

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